L.E.A.P - Law Enforcement Awareness Program

     Enhanced Surveillance Protection

Law Enforcement Awareness Program


LEAP provides law enforcement agencies situational awareness and a way to effectively monitor traffic, intersections, sidewalks, and other public areas.

ESP offers nationwide home and business CCTV installation and video cloud storage. Many of our customers are happy to contribute to their communities safety and share designated cameras with authorities.

Combined with our off-site video storage cloud and HD security cameras, LEAP offers authorities access to recorded video and live security cameras from around the country.

If your local municipality requires authorities to have access to CCTV systems installed in your district, we have the solution for you.

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Law Enforcement Awareness Program
Support your local Police and community by joining LEAP and get a free HD security camera. 

LEAP provides authorities and your community situational awareness to help prevent crime with a state of the art nationwide video surveillance network of HD security cameras and video recorders.

*Coming Soon / Under Development
LEAP will soon integrate with mobile bodycams and dashcams.
Monitor street cams, bodycams and dashcams “Live” from your computer or mobile device.




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