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Enhanced Surveillance Protection

CCTV IP Camera Installation - HD Security Cameras - Video Cloud Storage

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SeaVeillance will provide marina and boat owners situational awareness with our HD video surveillance cameras and mobile tracking devices. We can install HD security cameras at your marina or home dock.

After you tie your boat to the dock and walk away, keep an extra set of eyes on your investment.

  • 360 Degree Viewing during the Day and Night
  • HD Video Surveillance Monitoring and Recording
  • Monitor your vessel from your cabin or surrounding area with our free video surveillance app
  • Monitor Vessel Vitals – Real-Time GPS Tracking – Complete Mobile App Control



L.E.A.P is our Law Enforcement Awareness Program. L.E.A.P provides law enforcement agencies situational awareness with our HD CCTV security cameras and Video Cloud Service. We provide and install security cameras on homes and businesses around the country. Combined with our secure off-site video storage cloud service, L.E.A.P provides access to the authorities so they can  effectively monitor traffic, busy streets, public areas and prevent criminal activity.  Contact us today for more details.